Villa Migliorini‚Äč
Villa Migliorini is a period residence dating back to the 1300's, the formerly called Villa Mezzana, which lies on the left bank of the Arno river. Its water for a time formed a small islet, called Mezzana: from here the name of the country the Port of the Middle or otherwise called Mezzana below Signa. It was a true port of call of the Arno river, which used to moor small boats to facilitate trade.
As reported in the historical dictionary Repetti: "Resides on the ripa left bank of the Arno river where its waters a day were of the bisarno, leaving in the middle of a small island generically called Mezzana.
His name, therefore this township the first of the village that is, of villa Mezzana, and later of the port below, to differentiate between the nearby port on the river Arno de' boats come and go from Pisa, from the port of Signa, said major port
.." (Encyclopedia Repetti, 1834).

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